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        Business Entertainment

        Fuzhou Thaihot City Square


        LOCATION: Fuzhou, Fujian

        PROJECT SCALE: Building area: 700,000㎡

        PROJECT PROFILE: This project consists of eight high-end parts - one first class shopping mall with an area of 150,000 ㎡, an European business town, a sunken commercial square with an area of 25,000 ㎡, a commercial club, a 5A first class office buildings with an area of 50,000㎡, a platinum five-star hotel with an area of 40,000㎡, service apartments, first class SOHO workplace with an area of 210,000㎡. It is a large-scale, modern, high-quality and landmark urban building complex with a multi-function of shopping, catering, entertainment, office working, recreation, hotel and conference.